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June 28, 2017 - Covenant Scriptures

One of my readings this week was Genesis 8:20 - 9:17. We often get excited to study the New Testament and specifically with the book of Revelation. That should be exciting and we should study it. But we don't want to miss how much history and information is in the first chapters of the Bible. Let me just highlight 4 items that really caught my attention with this reading.

  1. Genesis 8:21 - After the global flood that destroyed the earth, God gave a promise there would never be a world wide destruction like this again.
  2. Genesis 9:3 - Man was vegetarian prior to the flood, now God has granted meat as an new source of food.
  3. Genesis 9:5 - God setup capital punishment. We are in a fix today in America because we do not follow God's instruction for how we are to govern.
  4. Genesis 9:13-15 - The rainbow is a sign of God's covenant. As a church, we have not spoken enough of how this is one of God's symbols. The world has taken over this beautiful symbol and perverted it into a celebration of sin. Teach your children what the Rainbow is really about. 
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